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Welcome Home - Catholics Come HomeOur Catholic faith is the largest Christian family in the world. Our Church is a vibrant and growing family and we miss our brothers and sisters who have not been to Mass lately.

It is a very new and exciting times for our Catholic family this Advent. Many of the prayers that we say at the Mass are taking on a more biblical translation. This new translation ensures that the words that we now say are more faithful to the original Latin text. There will be new music sheets for some of the songs as well as cards in every pew with the new prayers and responses. We will all be in this together, all on the same page, all the same family.

The Parish of the Resurrection is a prayerful, loving and caring community of people who are incomplete without you. God loves you so much that He will not stop searching for you, reaching out to you, seeking you.

Saint Augustine, a convert to the faith at age 33, once said,

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

Jesus wants to invite you back into His big, warm and loving Catholic family in the Church He founded 2,000 years ago. He’s calling you home, but the choice is yours…

The Parish of the Resurrection invites you, your family, or friends to join us for a series of five special evenings during Lent 2012 for conversation about such topics as Catholic beliefs as articulated in the Creed; why we “do what we do” at Mass; the Sacraments; the role of prayer in our lives; and the Catholic perspective on Scripture. We welcome:

  • Catholics interested in coming home
  • Catholics seeking a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith
  • Non-Catholics interested in Catholicism

The gatherings will take place each Wednesday starting February 29th and extending through March 28th at 7 pm. They will be held in the parish office conference room located at 449 Broad Street, Nashua.

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