Symbolon: Faith Formation for the Entire Parish

Symbolon - Parish of the ResurrectionCatholicism is an entire way of life. But today it’s not known.

Symbolon is a stunning new video series that systematically presents the BIG picture of the Catholic Faith. Filmed on location in Rome, the Holy Land, Calcutta, and elsewhere, dozens of nationally-known teachers clearly present the beauty and brilliance of our Catholic faith.

In our walk with God, how do we know that we are following what Jesus and his apostles really taught? The way the early Christians did this was by developing a short statement of faith called the creed, which summed up core Christian beliefs that had been passed on to them.

This creed served as a sign of unity between believers, connecting them with the beliefs of the early church. The Christians described their creed as a symbolon. Now, this term symbolon may seem ancient and somewhat mysterious, but I can’t think of another concept that more beautifully describes the importance of the creed and what it means to us today.


Series Part 2: Living the Faith

Through the sacraments, Christ’s work of salvation is communicated to our lives. Transformed by sacramental grace, we are made capable of living a life worthy of the Gospel in imitation of Jesus Christ.

Join Father John in the lower Office Hall on Mondays at 7:00pm

June 1st: God’s Plan for Sexuality

June 8th: Building a Civilization of Love

June 15th: Protecting the Dignity of the Human Person

The cost of the series is $15 which is for the beautiful study edition workbook. Books may be picked up at the office or on the first night.

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