Through Baptism we are washed clean of original sin, receive the seed of faith and welcomed into the church of Jesus Christ.

Baptisms at Resurrection are usually celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the 8:30am Mass or 10:30am Mass. Baptisms are normally not celebrated during the Lenten Season.

Parents of children to be baptized must attend a catechetical (sacramental preparation) session to prepared for the celebration. The role of God Parent is one of promise and support to the parents to make sure that they raise the child according to Christ’s commandments and the Catholic faith. The godfather or godmother must be a practicing confirmed Catholic (one godparent may be a practicing Christian from another denomination). Godparents must have a letter from their pastor indicating that they are qualified to be a godparent.

Adults and older children or teens who are not baptized join a Christian formation process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation (please see RCIA for more information).

Please call 603.882.0925 to set up appointment and schedule the date for the Baptism.

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